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You can make it too ! Know how to make 3D Images

I am about to tell you the most easy way to make 3d videos. The first thing you need is a YouTube account because YouTube can make a video in 3d for you. Another thing you need is 2 cameras. You want the cameras to be identical but if there not that’s alright. Now you take the 2 cameras put those 2 inches apart or 3 inches for outdoor shots.
3D Pictures
You can set the cameras on a table just to try it out but after experimenting. You should make a mount out of wood. It’s really easy for some cameras to make a mount. Basically take an 8 inch by 8 inch 1 inch thick board or whatever your cameras can fit on. Get a drill put on a 1/4 inch drill bit drill two holes 2 inches apart. You may have to go more than two inches depending on your cameras. Take 2 1/4 inch bolts and mount your 2 cameras make sure that the bolts have the same thread as your cameras.
After recording your video record them on your computer label your left video with left or l and your right with right or. Open your 2 videos on your edit program put them side by side left on the right video on left then export your video. Now go to YouTube uploaded it once uploaded edit your video tags. Put in the tags this tag yt3d:enable=true now your video will have a 3d icon were you can choose how to put on your 3d glasses and enjoy.

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