How to install latest Phoenix OS on your PC?

Operating systems are very common to run any computer. There are different types of operating systems used in real time. But there is a restriction on using Android OS on PC platform. So to experience the android applications and games on PC version need to use any emulators which help to run those apps and games. Here comes the phoenix OS android operating system which works on PC platform. It’s a special OS designed to support the PC version to change the existing method. This seems the greatest development to merge the Android platform with the PC mode.

Phoenix android OS is working on PC version which is made with stock android 5.1.1 lollipop version. It designed with the consideration of computer productivity and also provides the friendly user interface with the android system. Using the Phoenix OS on PC, you will get the chance to experience the android apps and games along with the normal works without any interference.

So the latest OS will contribute to attaining your long-term expectation easily without much effort. This will make a change in the upcoming days where people like to migrate to this platform. People who need to get the android games and apps on PC can utilize this OS to get those features. It’s a recent development from the remix OS released on 12th January 2017.


Features of Phoenix Operating System

There are plenty of features merged with the Phoenix OS to support the PC version. Here are few important and well-known features of OS.

  • Compare with few other OS; phoenix seems high-powered and adaptable quality. So it can be used to merge the android and windows platform. Also, it offers the opportunity to experience the regular professional works too.
  • Using the Phoenix OS ensure you to get high speed on the Android path without any issues. As a result, you will get to know the high speed of operation.
  • Phoenix OS works similar to the Windows OS like the taskbar, close button, title bar to minimize, resize, keyboard shortcut keys, right-click features, start button, multi-window feature and much more.
  • Phoenix OS has a strong file manager which is rare on the Android platform. Operating with PC is sufficient.
  • Phoenix runs on stardust browser which is based on Chromium project. So it can function as windows device.
  • The notification messages can be found with the help of new messages and also is indicated by the red light indicator. So you can quickly respond to the pending tasks.
  • Other than those mentioned features you can get the free word, excel, and power point software’s to perform major tasks in your system.

How to download and install Phoenix OS on PC

Phoenix OS is available for 32-bit devices. For the 64-bit device, users have to wait for the update. The installation can be done without interrupting the normal windows version. USB and boot settings can process it.

Installation steps

  • Get the Phoenix OS from the official site using the valid link address.
  • Then save the downloaded file on the flash drive.
  • Now follow the OS system installation procedures and choose the 32-bit option.
  • The installation can be completed in few minutes with all the attributes.
  • Now you can start to experience the Phoenix OS from your PC.


This is a great development to combine the Android platform with the windows system. Now you can utilize the benefits of the Phoenix OS from your device to experience your favorite Android applications and games. People who need to merge android and windows device can use this OS to fulfill the expectations.

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